Viva Flores

Saludos! I’m Viva Flores, a Chicana-Apache poet, performer and short-story writer born and raised on the border. My short stories, “Beer Run” and “Highways” are featured in “Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul” and “Tlaa: A Collective Indigenous Expression”, an online native arts and culture literary magazine. I’ve also written essays in “Black Girl Dangerous”, a popular feminist blog.

 I spent several years performing as the dubious Chicana caricature, “La RaNa”.

“La RaNa’s performance poetry celebrates what its to be Latina, and what its to be human. Her words weave a tapestry of her history, her struggle, her hopes and self-determination into one Urban Vernacular. She’s a healer of lost souls.”- Bruce George, Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam